Drawing Mentor - Sarah Bowles
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Drawing Mentor - Sarah Bowles

绘画导师 - 莎拉-鲍尔斯手绘电子书合集

01 Drawing Materials
02 Lines and Shapes
03 Perspective and 3D Shapes
04 Introduction to Sketching
05 Sketching Exercices
06 Composition
07 Sketching the Land Water and Sky
08 Sketching Plants
09 Sketching People and Animals
10 Sketching Buildings
11 Still Life Drawing
12 Landscape Drawing
13 Portrait Drawing
14 Fantasy Drawing 1
15 Fantasy Drawing 2
16 Fantasy Drawing 3


Volume 1 is an introduction to basic drawing materials and explains some of the pros and cons of each.
Volume 2 covers lines and shapes and how to apply them to create very basic drawings.
Volume 3 is an in-depth lesson covering perspective, tone shading and highlights to create objects that look three dimensional.
Volume 4 will introduce you to sketching, explaining what it's for and giving you pointers on how to use it effectively.
Volume 5 presents a wide array of sketching skills and exercises.
Volume 6 will help you learn how to use sketching to quickly determine the best layout for your project.
Volume 7 focuses on sketching the land, water and sky.
Volume 8 continues by teaching you how to sketch plants.
Volume 9 will help you learn how to sketch people; the principles taught in this volume can also be applied to animals.
Volume 10 finishes up this book with a lesson on the basics of sketching buildings.

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