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RapidRig Modular 1.6.0

Rapid Rig Modular - Procedural Auto Rig 2.2.5

RapidRig Modular V02_03_07 for Maya

Rapid Rig: Modular是一个玛雅的新的绑定工具,令人难以置信的灵活性,无论你想要一个角色有4个武器,两个头,20个眼睛,14个手指,8条腿,等等,你现在都可以实现用这个非常强大的工具。


"Rapid Rig: Modular" is a new tool I have been developing for over two years. I have taken everything I have learned and built into "Rapid Rig: Advanced" and tore it down to its core, then built it back up into something with incredible flexibility. If you want a character with 4 arms, two heads, 20 eyes, 14 fingers, 8 legs, etc. you can now achieve this with this very powerful and robust tool while having very similar functionality to Rapid Rig: Advanced.

You can build a rig from scratch, starting only with a ROOT and adding:
•Splines (splines, necks, tails)
•FK Chains (fingers, tails, spines, wings)
•Look-Ats (eyes)

You can attach any of these to each other in any order you like. You can make assymetrical characters, humans, dogs, spiders, birds, centaurs, dragons. Almost any creature you can imagine, you can rig with these tools.

The script comes with some powerful presets to get you started on with rig to save you time.
•Biped (Human)

All modules can be modified after creation. You can also clone, mirror, reattach, pin and re-color your modules.
If you are happy with your proxies, you can save them out to a text file which can be loaded into any scene.
You can also save the transform information of your proxies to load onto a different proxy rig that is not identical.

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RapidRig Modular 1.6.0

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Rapid Rig Modular - Procedural Auto Rig 2.2.5

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RapidRig Modular V02_03_07 for Maya
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